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  • The Agent

    Request: Intro (Shot Waist up) 20 seconds ------------------------------------------- Holding a small stack of papers to your chest and a cell phone in one hand. Walk into the shot to the spot in your kitchen next to the oven, lay the papers on your counter, begin talking into the cell phone and turn the back of your legs to the camera. ShoePlay (Shot knees to floor) 10 minutes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The camera is stationary, 6 inches off the floor and 3 feet behind you. SHOOT is the back of your legs down to the floor. You are talking on a phone to someone about real estate/selling homes for this WHOLE SEGMENT. The shoeplay is done SLOWLY throughout with ONE or BOTH shoes off. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For the first 4 minutes you are talking business professional to another woman BUT making "Huumph" sounds and saying "Oh God." while you shoeplay as follows : REMOVE JUST ONE FOOT COMPLETLY FROM THE SHOE and Use your toes to play with it AT THE HEEL PART, AND/OR rest your toes on the back of the shoe slowly rubbing it with your foot. Knock the shoe on its side only once. Alternate the moves and between your LEFT and RIGHT foot for 40 sec to 1 min. Then, both shoes on for 5 seconds then REPEAT shoeplay. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Then with both shoes ON raise ONE foot up and let the shoe drop to the floor. Stand flat footed, ONE shoe OFF for 30 seconds. Then kick off your other shoe. Stand Still and CURL your toes onto floor with ONE foot, sole to camera for 30 seconds. Then, say : "I'm sorry, but can you hold on a minute. I am having a real problem with my pantyhosed feet right now." "I have to do something about this." "I can't concentrate." Drop phone, make "Hummph" sounds while rubbing your shoeless feet FLAT on the floor and up your leg. Do this for 1 minute. Put BOTH shoes back on. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pick up the phone and say : "Ok, I'm back. Sorry for that." "I have been working all day and my feet are really bothering me." "You can probably hear my shoes hit the floor over the phone. It's so loud." "My feet have been slipping in and out of my shoes this whole time we were talking." Continue talking about real estate while your voice begins to sound like you are SUFFERING, making "Hummph" sounds occassionally. BEGIN SLIPPING ONE FOOT IN AND OUT OF YOUR SHOES AGAIN. Alternate ONE foot rubbing up and down your thigh for 20 seconds. Do this for 2 minutes. REMOVE BOTH SHOES AND STAND FLAT FOOTED ON FLOOR. Do this for 1 minute. PUT BOTH SHOES BACK ON -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Say in a SUFFERING voice, while kicking your feet around hurridly: "Im sorry, but I think I'm going to have to cut this conversation short." "OH GOD." "This is so distracting." PAUSE 3 SECONDS "No, no it's not you. It's my pantyhosed feet." "They are itching so bad I can't keep them in my shoes." "I really have to go now" "I tried to ignore it but I just can't" ROTATE EACH FOOT AT ANKLE AND DROP THE SHOE OFF YOUR FOOT "Umm, yeah. Ok,Ok." "I will." "Talk to you later." SLOWLY rub both your feet together on top of one another TO the camera for 1 minute

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