Sissy Boy

  • Sissy Boy

    I want a clips where  I am  emasculated, humiliated. Let's say somehow you were able to get the attached pictures of me. Make fun of me in the pictures (you can show them as part of video). I want to be told that men dont wear, panties, babydoll, heels. Yell at me because I still to go to the bathroom like a "man" even though I am dressed like a girl. 

    I have a big crush on a girl name Lindsay. Demand me to tell her about my self as a sissy. Explain to me that even though she is a woman who would support gay, sissy friends, she still has needs as a woman and I wont ever be able to meet them.Just like Lindsay wears dressses, skirts and makeup,, I will get to do the same thing. Just like Lindsay wears panties and bra because she is a girl, I want to be told that I will wear panties and bra's etc.  But on the positive side, maybe I can hang out more with women, i.e go shopping with them, and do girly activities. 


    Know that you have discovered the picture, how would you humiliate me in public. I have never been dressed in public before and afraid of something simple as having to use the ladies room or trying on clothes while shopping.  Or maybe you could impliment a plan for me that is realistic- i.e wearing panties to work, keep my nails painted, etc.

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