Legs Make You Confess

  • Legs Make You Confess

    Request: n this scenario, I'm a secret agent who's been captured by you organization. I've been resisting their attempts to break me and join you. So they send you! Your specialty is seducing and breaking men. You walk in with the slow amazing walk of yours. You wearing either full length fishnets or the nylons from "Simply Nylons", shoes similar to the ones in "Controlling" and a short, tight dress. You look amazing and you know it. You are very pleasant and welcoming - quite disarming, really. You announce who you are and that you are going to break me. By the end of our session I will be yours, completely. You sit and slowly start crossing your amazing legs and talking seductively about how beautiful and desirable you are, how I can't help but want to please you and be yours. It will feel so good to give in to you and do what you command. You decide that once you've broken me, you're going to keep me for your own pleasure. The scene would end where I've been broken - you stand and pick me up (the camera) in your arms. With a wicked, sexy chuckle, you declare "I've got you" Again, it's all about your amazing legs - seductive, actually sweet tone, no humiliation or strong language, please. 

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