Forever Mine

  • Forever Mine

    How was that break you took? I sure hope that is good but you didn't really think you could quit did you? Ha seriously you enjoy being a pay piggy a little to much to ever quit. Remember all the fun we use to have all the humiliating things I would make you do on cam then the wallet sessions that got your dick hard. Ill admit you did good for a while stayed away then you came back 2 nights ago and I reeled you in yet once more. I made your wallet open up I made your heart pump like it use to. Now I want more and I will take more. What we did before was a breeze compared to what we will do now! Something about me taking your cash drives you crazy so lets make you go insane!

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    • Price: $8.99
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    • Length: 7:30
    • Created: 2/25/14
    • Nudity? No
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    • Financial Domination
    • Brat Girls